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AI-Powered Scope Gap Detection

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Achieve Significant Project Savings by Identifying and Addressing Scope Gaps Early

Benefits of Using Site Connected AI

Site Connected AI


Cost Savings

Automated Scope Gap Analysis utilizes advanced algorithms to scan project Subcontracts, quotes, specifications, and other documents, pinpointing discrepancies, omissions, or conflicts that could lead to costly delays or budget overruns.


Improved Decision Making

By providing early warnings about potential issues and offering data-driven insights, the AI tool empowers project managers to make informed decisions, minimizing risks associated with scope creep, miscommunications, and unplanned changes.  


Streamlined Communication

Collaborative AI-Powered Platform integrates with existing project management tools, facilitating easy sharing of AI-generated reports, alerts, and recommendations, thereby improving teamwork and project outcomes. 

How it Works

1. Upload Relevant Documents

Add your subcontracts, specifications, and other essential documents to the platform.

2. Scope Gap Identification

The AI analyzes the uploaded documents to identify possible missed scopes and discrepancies.  

3. Recommendations Provided

Receive AI-generated recommendations on typical work scopes that should be included for comprehensive project coverage.