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4.5 W Battery Soldering Iron Kit-Each-

4.5 W Battery Soldering Iron Kit-Each-

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The Weller 4.5 W soldering iron kit works with batteries. It includes an iron, a tip, three AA batteries, a lead free solder and a tip wrench. It heats up to the working temperature of 900°F in under 30 seconds, and its red LED indicates when power is on. The protective safety cap turns off power when placed on tool. Perfect for field service repair on small parts and components, it can do over 120 intermittent solder joints with fresh batteries. The kit is covered by a limited lifetime.

Modular jack plug-in style tip for easy removal and exchangeApplications include micro components, electronic kits, low voltage wiring, wire connection > 18 AWG (0.04-in diameter)4.5W/4.5V battery-powered cordless soldering iron with 30 second heat-upUp to 120 light duty solder joints battery lifeBetter heat performance with up to 900FNew switch with safety cap detent with auto shut-off when cap on toolBattery cover orientation guidesLong lasting, iron-plated conical shaped tipPower on red LED indicator
- Specifications -
Flux Weight(g): 0.0
Flux Weight(oz.): 0
Lead-Free: Yes
Package Contents: Iron, BP1 conical tip, safety cap, iron stand, lead-free solder, 3 AA batteries
Package Quantity: 1
Solder Weight(g): 3.685435
Solder Weight(oz.): 0.13

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