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Bernzomatic Max Heat Torch Kit-Each-

Bernzomatic Max Heat Torch Kit-Each-

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Work faster and more efficiently with this Max Heat Torch kit from Bernzomatic. This torch is ideal for job site projects including soldering large diameter copper pipes, brazing, heat treating and light welding. Its large, optimized swirl flame provides maximum heat output. This model's auto start/stop ignition lights and extinguishes with the push of a button, and an adjustable flame control knob makes it easy to size the flame for different applications. A run-lock button can keep the torch lit for continuous use. This kit includes a 14.1 oz. MAP-Pro Fuel cylinder.

For best results use with Bernzomatic MAP-Pro FuelLimited lifetime warrantyRun-lock button keeps torch lit for continuous useAdjustable flame control easily sizes flame for different applicationsCast aluminum body construction for durabilityPressure regulated for consistent performance when tilted or momentarily invertedAuto start/stop ignition easily ignites and extinguishes flameUltra swirl flame provides maximum heat output for large diameter soldering, brazing, heat treating and light weldingKit includes: TS8000 torch and 14.1-oz MAP-Pro cylinder
- Specifications -
Cylinder Capacity: 14.1-oz
Weight(lbs.): 3
Overall Length(cm): 30.48
Overall Length(mm): 304.8
Base Warranty Labor(Months): 9999
Base Warranty Parts(Months): 9999
Warranty: Limited lifetime
Maximum Weldable Thickness (Mild Steel): None
Minimum Weldable Thickness (Mild Steel): None
Type: Torch cylinder
Uses Acetylene: No
Safety Listing: Not safety listed
Uses MAPP Gas: Yes
Uses Propane: Yes
Uses Propylene: Yes
Self Igniting: Yes
Cylinder Content: Propane and MAPP
File/Certification Number: N/A
Application: Soldering and brazing
Package Quantity: 1
Weight(kg): 1.3608
Overall Length(in): 12
+ Show all: N/A

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