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Silver Solder Kit-Each-

Silver Solder Kit-Each-

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Solder Kit has all the necessary components to solder copper joints in one kit. The solder kit contains the following products: 113gr Lead Free Safe Flo Silver Solder, 48gr #95 Tinning Flux, Applicator Brush.Sandcloth. Step by step directions are included on the back of the card. Melting range of 420°F - 460°F (215°C - 238°C).

Kit contains solder, paste, brush and sand clothCopper, bismuth, tin and silver alloy420°F - 460°F melting rangeMeets ASTM Standard B-32 and the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act
- Specifications -
Weight(Oz): 1.7
Weight(g): 48.19415
Application: General metal
Gauge (Gauge): 0.117 Gauge
Lead-Free: Yes

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