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Weller 6 to 8-W Cordless Soldering Iron Kit-Each-

Weller 6 to 8-W Cordless Soldering Iron Kit-Each-

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This cordless soldering iron is battery powered and great for smaller soldering tasks. It heats up to working temperature in under 30 seconds. A red LED indicates when the power is on and the protective safety cap turns power off when placed on the tool. It delivers wattage from 6 to 8 W and has an average temperature range of 710° F to 950° F. This kit includes the soldering iron, a BP10 conical tip, a safety cap, the iron stand, lead-free solder and 4 AA batteries.

6- to 8-watt, 6-volt, battery-powered, cordless soldering iron with 30-second heat-upBattery life is up to 180 light-duty solder jointsNew and improved heat performance with up to 800°F/900°F settingsNew switch with safety cap detent with auto shut-off when the cap is on the toolNew battery cover orientation guidesCo-molded, soft grip, ribbed handle design for maximum comfort and reduced slippageLED application illumination and power on red/green LEDApplications include micro-components, electronic kits, low-voltage wiring, wire connection >18 AWG (0.04-in Dia.)Modular jack, plug-in style tip for easy removal and exchange
- Specifications -
Warranty: 7-year limited
Type: Soldering iron
Flux Weight(g): 0.0
Flux Weight(oz.): 0
Lead-Free: Yes
Package Contents: 6 Watt/8 Watt Pro Series Battery Powered
Package Quantity: 1
Solder Weight(g): 2.83495
Solder Weight(oz.): 0.1

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