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Weller Electric 8-Piece 25-W Soldering Irong Kit-Each-

Weller Electric 8-Piece 25-W Soldering Irong Kit-Each-

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This soldering iron kit is ideal for wood burning, jewelry, micro electronics, hobbies, and crafts. It's a 25 watt, soldering iron with a pencil handle. Maximum temperature is 900°F. Comes with 6 tips and a stand.

UL/cUL listedFine quality consumer mini ironFeatherweight iron with pencil handleIdeal for wood burning, hobbies, crafts, jewelry, model railroads, and micro electronicsDevelops 750°F/400°C temperatureStainless steel barrel and heat and impact-resistant handleThis product is UL listed
- Specifications -
Warranty: 1-year limited
Flux Weight(g): 14.17475
Flux Weight(oz.): 0.5
Lead-Free: Yes
Package Contents: Iron, iron stand, standard tip, 4 specialty tips
Package Quantity: 1
Solder Weight(g): 8.50485
Solder Weight(oz.): 0.3

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