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Wire solder-Each-

Wire solder-Each-

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Commonly used for tin plate work, seaming joints, sheet metal and hot water heating lines. Contains lead can not be used on drinking water lines. Use of flux required. Melting range: 360°F - 421°F. 50% tin and 50% lead

50/50 alloy of 50% tin and 50% lead40/60 Alloy of 40% Tin and 60% Lead361°F - 421°F melting range for 50/50 Alloy361°F - 460°F melting range for 40/60 AlloyCannot be sold or used in Indiana or Pennsylvania
- Specifications -
Working Temperature (Degrees Farenheit): 361
Weight(Oz): 8
Application: Copper pipe
Gauge (Gauge): 0.117 Gauge
Lead-Free: No
Tensile Strength (lbs./inch): 250
Warranty: 1-year limited
Weight(g): 226.796

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