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Wire - Solder Wire-Each-

Wire - Solder Wire-Each-

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Commonly used for tin plate work, seaming joints, metal sheets, and hot water heating lines. Contains lead. Can not be used on drinking water lines. Use of flux required. Melting range: 360°F - 421°F. 50% tin and 50% lead

50/50 alloy of 50% tin and 50% lead361-421 deg. F melting range for 50/50 alloyCommonly used for tin plating, seaming joints, copper DWV systems and sheet metal repairFor solid wire solder, apply liquid or paste soldering flux to surfaces to be solderedProfessional gradeContains lead- not for use on drinking water lines
- Specifications -
Weight(Oz): 4
Weight(g): 113.398
Application: Copper pipe
Gauge (Gauge): 0.125 Gauge
Lead-Free: No

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